Las Vegas Weather

Las Vegas Weather Celsius

We created Las Vegas Weather to help Las Vegas tourists and local residents understand the Las Vegas climate a little better, both in Fahrenheit and Celsius. The weather in Las Vegas is typical of the desert Southwest - dry, hot, often windy. This dryness leads to larger temperature swing during the day than you would experience in more humid climates since there is far less moisture in the air to hold the heat. The dry air leads to mornings that may be a little cooler than people expect, a happy surprise in summer, perhaps less welcome in winter. The summers are oppressively hot in the afternoon, but pleasant after sundown and early in the morning.

The best time to visit Las vegas may be in the spring and in the fall, when the days are warm but not hot. Usually the only weather worry during those times of year is the wind, which can be high any time of the year.

As always, please check the current and projected Las Vegas weather forecast before coming to Las Vegas. The historical temperature data here can help you plan for future Las Vegas vacations, but will not tell you what weather you will encounter during your vacation or business trip.

Las Vegas Weather Calculator

Our calculator will tell you the range of high and low temperatures, and the record high and low temperatures for the dates that you have entered. When the dates are close, please look at the Las Vegas weather forecast to determine the most likely weather for the dates your are interested in.