Las Vegas Weather

Las Vegas Weather

We created Las Vegas Weather to help Las Vegas tourists understand the Las Vegas climate a little better. Visitors to Las Vegas will discover that Las Vegas weather is typical of the desert Southwest - dry, hot, windy. The winters may be a little cooler than people expect, although they are still warmer than most US cities. The temperatures climb from the 60's to the 90's in the Spring, making the Spring ideal for many people who are in Las Vegas for a convention or to see the casinos, and the Las Vegas weather temperatures drop even faster in the Fall. Remember - Las Vegas temperatures normally vary 20-25 degrees in a typical day from daily high to daily low, all year round.

Please check the current and projected Las Vegas weather forecast before coming to Las Vegas. The numbers here are to help you plan for future Las Vegas vacations, but will not tell you what weather you will encounter, they only tell you what the past weather conditions have been like on a given day.

In general, Las Vegas is pleasantly warm during the spring and fall, very hot in July and August, and can be surprisingly cold in the winter (but still warmer than most of the US). A few extra minutes researching the weather will help to make your Las Vegas vacation more enjoyable.

Las Vegas Weather Calculator

Our calculator will tell you the range of high and low temperatures, and the highest and lowest recorded temperatures for the requested dates. When the dates are close, please look up the Las Vegas weather report to determine the most likely weather on those dates.